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Low-Cost Drug Rehab

Low-cost addiction recovery for men in Milwaukee, WI
If you or a loved one needs to find a low-cost drug rehab, check out the Great Lakes Men’s Rehab in Milwaukee, WI.

Each part of the program for our low-cost drug rehab focuses on achieving abstinence from alcohol and other drugs. And most importantly, we help addicted men think and act in a way that supports recovery for a lifetime–including spiritual recovery.

The caring team at Great Lake Men’s Rehab knows how much time and effort it takes to overtake addiction, and form new thoughts, actions, behavior, attitudes.

Many of the capable staff recovered from an addiction themselves. At this low-cost drug rehab near, they understand that recovery is a long-term process. To transform a life, and change old habits and behavior, men must see themselves in a new way, and live a life built on good moral values and truth.

Great Lakes Men’s Rehab works with addicted men ages 18+. Residents receive important life lessons to help improve their future life.

Great Lakes Men’s Rehab creates an environment where residents can experience God and see life through God’s lens. This is where recovery begins! Men learn to set up new boundaries and enjoy the freedom that comes from living within them.

Men dealing with life-controlling addictions must be ready to commit to a year enrollment in our low-cost, residential rehab center in Milwaukee. Men walk day-by-day through our recognized four-stage process of recovery and healing that includes mentoring, personal and group studies, drug prevention classes, and vocational training.

Level One (14 weeks) – Recovery: Residents attend classes that emphasize recognizing and changing destructive thoughts and beliefs, and discerning the basic needs they tried to fulfill through chemical abuse. Plus, they learn practical tools that equip them to change their lives.

Level Two (12 weeks) – Renewal: Residents take part in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual work that it takes to heal the wounds of past failures, broken relationships, and spiritual deceptions. Men also confront past issues with their own identity that often form the root of a chemical addiction.

Level Three (12 weeks) – Restoration and Healing: Residents learn more about their purpose in life and how to enter a future, free from the oppression of old wounds while finding and using their unique gifts and talents.

Level Four (12 weeks) – Transition: Residents place what they’ve learned into action by securing employment and housing, and exercising effective management of their time and resources. Men also learn how to become leaders who give back to the families and communities they will re-enter.

At Great Lakes Men’s Rehab, our Culture of Responsibility holds men responsible for their own actions. When there’s no place to put the blame but on ourselves, we see the need to ask God to challenge us to change.

The Great Lakes Men’s Rehab Center of Hope is one of the top Adult & Teen Challenge facilities in the United States. The property consists of the Don Wilkerson Memorial Chapel, the Center of Hope Men’s Dorm, the White House Administrative Building, an eight-unit staff housing building, and a full-service vehicle facility.

Because the community values the success of Great Lakes Men’s Rehab, people in the Midwest donate generously to this program.

Please note that we are a voluntary program and not a lock-down facility. At our low-cost drug rehab, the client needs to want to be here. He needs to admit to us that he has a problem and wants help.

If you or a loved one, are ready to take a step towards recovery and rehabilitation from a drug or alcohol addiction, please get in touch with one of our intake specialists. Or fill out and submit the online application form to begin the process and learn more. We are here to help.

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