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Drug Recovery for Men

The Great Lakes Recovery Center

rehabs for men

Great Lakes Men’s Rehab is a top Adult & Teen Challenge center for men, offering long-term recovery to many. We’re the biggest group of addiction recovery centers globally, with over 200 in the U.S. and over 1,000 worldwide.

rehabs for menInstead of seeing addiction as a lifelong “disease,” we focus on why it started in the first place. We believe it often comes from unmet needs or missing parts in a person’s life. Stopping the substance isn’t enough; we aim for a lasting change. Our goal is not just short-term recovery but helping individuals stay away from addictive substances even after leaving our rehab, especially when times get tough.

We understand that people often turn to drugs or alcohol to cope with internal struggles, like the need for love, success, forgiveness, belonging, acceptance, a spiritual void, or a lack of life purpose. While it may temporarily help, it can lead to dependency, making it hard to stop. Withdrawal can be tough and even dangerous.

Once substances take over, it’s challenging for individuals to stop on their own. Maintaining an addiction can lead to problems like theft or selling drugs, resulting in legal issues. The need for more substances can lead to overdose or severe health issues.

What Makes Our Men’s Rehab Successful

rehabs for men
Unraveling the layers of addiction requires a thoughtful and thorough approach, and at Great Lakes Men’s Rehab, a part of Adult & Teen Challenge, we recognize that this process cannot be rushed. It’s a journey that unfolds over the course of a year, and understanding these steps reveals why our approach is effective. While high-cost, short-term rehabs may claim quick solutions, they often fall short, evident in the stories of celebrities attending one after another without resolving their addiction—indicating that underlying life issues haven’t been adequately addressed.

Have you ever wondered why the rehab industry tends to keep terms short? Firstly, it’s more appealing to the addict, employer, or family to believe that the problem can be swiftly “fixed.” Secondly, most insurance programs only cover the initial 90 days. Consequently, expensive rehabs often capitalize on a revolving door model, causing turmoil for individuals and their loved ones. Addicts may find themselves repeatedly returning to short-term rehabs until financial resources are depleted. In the interim, the addict reverts to their habit, creating a roller-coaster existence for themselves and their loved ones.

In contrast, Adult & Teen Challenge addiction treatment centers operate as nonprofits, keeping fees low. Our focus is on achieving lasting recovery, regardless of the time it takes. By minimizing the financial burden on the individual or their family and relying on community donations for operational funding, we ensure sufficient time to work with each addict, bringing about a transformation for good. This commitment to permanent recovery is a key factor in the success of Great Lakes Men’s Rehab, part of the Adult & Teen Challenge program.

Why An Addiction Treatment Can Take A Full Year

rehabs for men

At Great Lakes Men’s Rehab, the journey to addiction recovery begins with a meticulous detox process, lasting weeks or even months, aimed at liberating individuals from the immediate control of substances. Withdrawal, though challenging, marks just the start. Real transformation unfolds daily over months as individuals navigate an environment challenging their lies, negative motivations, and improper actions. Mistakes become learning opportunities guided by experienced staff and peers. Time, wise counsel, and spiritual renewal are pivotal tools, enabling gradual shifts in thinking and behavior.

Repetition is the key to long-term success, akin to building healthy habits. Through consistent practice, proper thinking and actions become ingrained, fostering enduring positive change in individuals at Great Lakes Men’s Rehab.