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rehabs for men

Great Lakes Men’s Rehab, one of the top Adult & Teen Challenge rehabs for men, has provided long-term recovery for thousands of individuals. We are the largest and longest continuously operated group of addiction recovery centers in the world, with over 200 centers in the U.S. and over 1,000 more centers worldwide.

rehabs for men

Rather than considering addiction a lifetime “disease,” Great Lakes Men’s Rehab looks to the underlying root causes of the initial addiction or dependency. We approach addiction as starting from an individual’s unfulfilled longing or that there was a void in their life. The addiction was triggered by deep-felt issues, so unless those issues are dealt with first, getting the individual off the substance they are addicted to is a short-term solution. Without a life change, they will return to the drug or alcohol after a few days, weeks, or months. Any addict can go through detox and get off alcohol or drugs for a short while, especially in a highly monitored environment. Our goal is to provide long-term recovery and lifetime avoidance of addictive substances once the individual leaves our rehab, even when hard knocks hit.

Our addiction treatment center understands the recovery process. Addicts and alcoholics typically start “using” or drinking out of a personal need to cover up some internal issues, such as a need for love, success, forgiveness, belonging, acceptance, a spiritual void, or a lack of life purpose. The individual fills such voids in their life with drugs or alcohol, temporarily relieving their mental anguish. However, these substances will take hold and build a chemical dependency in their body, taking away any ability for the addict to stop independently. The dependency becomes too powerful, and attempts to get off these substances can often lead to painful and sometimes life-threatening withdrawal symptoms.

Once invited in, these substances can entirely take over the individual and their mindset, mentally or physically preventing them from stopping independently. The cost of maintaining a habit can sometimes cause the addict to turn to theft (even from their own family) or selling drugs, which can lead to jail sentences. Usually, the substances are needed in higher and higher quantities or more frequently to achieve the same effect until the addict overdoses or otherwise destroys their body.

Why Our Rehab for Men is Successfulrehabs for men

 So, to unwrap the layers of addiction, Great Lakes Men’s Rehab, part of the Adult & Teen Challenge, takes several steps that cannot be rushed. Once you understand them, you will see why it takes up to a year to accomplish. Typical high-cost, short-term rehabs are quite convincing that they can solve addiction in a much shorter period. They are a joke in the media — we often hear of celebrities attending one after another and never solving their addiction. That is because their life issues have not been dealt with.

Have you wondered why the rehab industry generally keeps its term short? First, it is more palatable to the addict, employer, or family for the problem to be “fixed” quicker. Secondly, most insurance programs will only participate in the first 90 days. So, the expensive rehabs make the most money by having a revolving door, which wreaks havoc on the individual and their loved ones. Addicts have to go back to short-term rehabs again and again until their loved ones have run out of money. And in-between, the addict returns to their habit, creating a roller-coaster existence for themselves and their loved ones.

On the contrary, Adult & Teen Challenge addiction treatment centers are operated as nonprofits, so our fees are very low. We focus our efforts on permanent recovery, no matter how long it takes. We keep the investment for the individual or their family to a minimum, seeking most of our operational funding from donations from the community. That support gives us enough time to work with each addict to transform their life for good. And that is why the Great Lakes Men’s Rehab, part of the Adult & Teen Challenge program, is so successful.

Why An Addiction Treatment Center Can Take A Full Yearrehabs for men

The first step at Great Lakes Men’s Rehab for addiction recovery is detox. It is meant to purge the substances and their immediate control over the addicted individual. Depending on the substance, this alone can take weeks or even months in a highly monitored and daily tested environment.

Withdrawal can be anguishing, difficult, and sometimes dangerous. After detox, the real work begins, but change cannot happen from a few days or weeks of counseling. Change happens daily, over many months, as the individual lives in an environment where their lies, negative motivations, and improper actions are constantly challenged. It happens as the individual makes mistakes and is called out for those mistakes by the staff or peers that have been in the program longer. Time is the greatest tool in our arsenal, along with the wise counsel of our staff and spiritual renewal. The individuals in our program gradually learn to think and act differently.

As in building healthy habits, repetition is the key to long-term success, so proper thinking and actions become natural and automatic.